KP 120 - Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine

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KP 120 - Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine


KP 120 machine is designed and constructed for the hydraulically crimping and correct assembly of aluminum
profiles . The machine is semiautomatic and the machining cycle of various units are manual controlled by user
who always stays outside of the dangerous area.

  • It is designed through the hydrauliccally crimping system
  • Steel construction of the machine table that is strong and lasting
  • Practically adjustment of the knives according to the shape and height of the profiles
  • Practically adjustment of the cylinder feed and profile stops by means of the milimetricruler
  • The machine is equiped with the pneumatic (for clamps ) and hydraulic (for crimping ) foot pedals for the operation control during the machining cycle
  • Double-acting centering setsquare returns to the home position under the table after crimping
  • Powerfull hydraulic pump with 2 x 5 tons capacity
  • Protection plates made of Polyamide material to prevent being scrathes on the profile surface
  • Positioning of the cylinders closer to the workpiece to shorten the cycle time by means of the switch control system
  • Maximum profile height that can be crimped: 130 mm. Additional accessories for the crimping of aluminum profiles up to 180 mm of height is optional


  • 1x3 mm, 1x5 mm and 1x7 mm crimping knives
  • 2x pneumatic vertical clamp
  • 2x profil support arms
  • 2x allen key (4 and 5 mm)


  • Additional accessories for crimping of the profiles up to 180 mm of height
  • Special crimping knives